'THE HAMMER' is a classic, traditional game in the much-loved Luna Park, which now comes in a really amazing version! and which can be installed both in covered structures and outdoors.


This 'PUNCHBALL' developed from previous models of Adalio company since 1969, is a traditionally designed test muscle strength in a functional and modern, that can be installed in both indoor and outdoor facilities.


' was created to meet a constant demand for new games inspired by the various sports, using all the new technological opportunities.


This fun game, like Derby Day, is suitable for the whole family and for all ages.


You're the
best fisherman? Test yourself ...

cowboy king xl logo.1




It 's the new Cowboy King in extra large version, even more fun!

Test your skills!  Challenge your friends to hitters more cans!

A timeless game that takes you back in the old Wild West.


Are you the fastest? Challenge friends and family in this fun game for the whole family.


A game that allows everyone to measure their strength by making the missile as many rounds as possible and trying to get the highest score.

logo the race 2.2



Fun game for the whole family and for all the age brackets'.

This is the new Derby day for 3 players with graphics inspired by a race car.


Take the role
of a gunslinger in the Wild West. A timeless game for testing your aim.


Even children can now have fun!

Here's their 'PUNCHBALL', the traditional test muscle strength, suitable for both outdoor and indoor, full of lights, colors, fantastic music and funny voices.

logo big race.1
Here is the new version of Derby Day 6 seater, designed with graphics inspired by motor racing. The race is always more exciting!
Fun, colorful, cheerful, with music and lures suitable for players of all ages.
scritta hippodrome grigio_m.1


The Derby Day is evolving ..... we wanted to impress and we created the HIPPODROME to 12 seats.

Multicolor graphics, inspired by the horse race.

As always designed to engage children and adults. Who will be the fastest?


This is the classic coin-operated game by bulldozer, multi-game seats, enhanced by a merry-lottery bonus, sounds and music, the new head swivel light.

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